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Fashion Student Online


Whether you love fashion or just want to learn how to sew, this beginner in school section has the base course units to give you a well rounded start on your fashion career or home sewing business.

Learn More about Production Support (20116)

Keen on Production Operations (20216)

Get the start on Leather Production (20316)

Be a master in the Laundry (20416)

This is widely needed right now Services and Repair (20516)

Begin your career here right now with Fashion Design and Technology (20616)


I am certain this selection of fashion short courses will get your pumped to strut your stuff on the catwalk.

Launch your own business in Clothing and Textile Production (30116)

Create beautiful fabrics with our Manufactured Textile Products (30216)

Master the art of Millinery (30316)

Be the next shoe king or queen with Footwear (30416)

Gain insight into Leather Production (30516)

The world over needs their clothes put through the Laundry (30616)

Inner city Dry Cleaning Operations (30716)

If you love Fashion Design and Technology (30816)


If you have more time up your sleeve or you want a little bit more of a head start, these short courses are what you are looking for.

Specialise in Textile Design, Development and Production (40116)

Bring back the hand crafted art of Clothing Production (40216)

Bespoke Hand Made Footwear (40316)

Adorn many hats with Millinery (40416)

Learn the art of creating beautiful Fashion Design and Merchandising (40516)


We are guessing you have launched into your fashion course at a registered RTO around Australia or Internationally. Researching and sourcing information is time consuming and let’s face it, you want to get ahead of the rest. Well this chunky course is what you need in your life.

DIRECTOR of your future library for Fashion Design and Merchandising (50116)

DIRECTOR of your future library for Textile Design and Development (50216)


Welcome to our biggest of the Library courses, the CEO of your career. It’s a bustle in a sea of pencils, it’s a trench in a sea of bikers and it’s a pushup in a sea of bandeaus.

You will gain extensive knowledge in this course, it will allow you to get ahead of the rest and it will also give you access to insider knowledge, as all our courses do, but this one is so big it will cover just about everything you need to know.

CEO of your career, library for Fashion Design and Merchandising (60116)

CEO of your career, library for Textile Design and Development (60216)


Fashion Graduate Program 

If you have just finished Fashion school or

your have a great idea with some knowledge of how it all works. 

…. BUT is something holding you back?

We totally get it.

We are here to help you build your brand the way you want to, we got your back.

This course is a 12 month mentoring program to get you into business.

Go on …. check it out.

Business Program

Business Program 

Internship Program

Wholesale Business Program

Fashion Business Plan 

Social Media Program

Flat Lay Image Program

Hire Me | We are Hiring

Hire Me or We Are Hiring

Register online for free if you are looking for work by setting up your own profile. We have options for those looking for staff.

Subscribe for $10 a month here to start recruiting or pay $49 per We Are Hiring add.

Business Directory

Business Directory

Register online for free by setting up a business profile.

Access your profile for free with any paid subscription based membership program


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Australia has a great fashion education system, it is amazing. Lots of training institutes offering wonderful courses with talented teachers who have worked in the industry, teaching you in the classroom or online.

Fashion Student Online is NOT a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we are a library or information source for fashion students to access as they study with an RTO.

If you are looking for something in particular head to our Contact US page and message us with the fashion course you are doing or the qualification, and lets us know what you need and we will be able to help you out.


This area is under development.

As a lecturer you are teaching the next generation of Fashion Creatives, keeping up to date is crucial. Lesson Plans, Teaching Aids and Samples are all available through Fashion Student Online. Especially if its 2am and you are delivering a new UOC in a few hours. Download instantly all you need.

Coming soon: Fashion Magazine relating to each fashion UOC.

RTO register your interested here to license our subscription platform. Get ahead of the rest or request an appointment to have your course content created.

Free stuff

Fashion Student Production Internship

Fashion Graduate Program Launch – Production Blue Print.

Fashion Student Online Diary 2019 Coming soon

DoTERRA Clean Working kit

fashion credentials

  • Whilst studying fashion design, Nicole was by far my favourite and most influential teacher. Her outstanding teaching methods, dedication and knowledge of the industry inspired me to thrive and enjoy every lesson

    Kimberley Brooks
  • I would say I am still in the early days of setting up my own business, using my fashion & textiles industry background to help determine suitable materials & better sourcing. I see many new brands using slogans on sweaters & T-shirts, with online services or ready made items with little or no background in the industry other than being a consumer. I have tried to offer something different by using second hand or reclaimed fabrics, then hand-printing my own designs on a small screen @ home. All my skills were born out of education, either from college or Uni, where I studied surface pattern design & textiles, or through my training as a fabric & garment technologist. Now working for myself as a sole trader since Aug 2017 x E

    Julia Brown Tatty Moo
  • I have always known that in my forties I have a brain explosion of information and my life would change for the better. All my working life I have focused on my fashion career, I have travelled the world and worked for some pretty outstanding fashion houses and brands. You, see.... now I have a baby all of my very own (with my husband too) but my focus is angled slightly to the right at her. I still love the industry and everything about its fast paced jet setting bubble drinking French seam. Hope you enjoy my new love as much as I have loved creating it.

    Boss Babe Fashion Student
  • I truly appreciate Nicole's knowledge and supportive  advice; as a business owner and fashion student her mentoring continues to be invaluable.

    Tahlia Jade The Jade Odyssey
  • I have worked with Nicole on many occasions over the past six years. She is by far one of the most knowledgeable fashion industry individuals I’ve worked with and also one of the most passionate. Nicole has built up so many resources and industry tips I feel it would be an asset for any student or individual trying to work in the industry to learn from her.

    Carly Vidal Wallace
  • Nicole's knowledge and experience in the Fashion manufacturing industry is extensive. Over her career she has built up contacts Brisbane and London who can help you with your own fashion projects and to develop the skills required to be successful in the competitive fashion industry.

    April Prendeckij Owner
  • You won’t find anywhere better than Fashion Student. Nicole’s passion for fashion and complete commitment to her students makes her the best fashion lecturer and mentor I’ve been blessed to have the assistance from. Nicole is undoubtedly scrupulous when it comes to get craft and sharing her wealth of knowledge to students that are lucky enough to participate in her online fashion school. Anything and everything you would like to know or partake in, Nicole can teach you the, how, where, when and why if it all. Nicole is experienced in all aspects related to fashion. Whether it be fashion sketching, tech drawings, pattern making, garment construction, how to start a business and what is required....u could go on and on. Oh and the connections which are priceless I have to say. If you truly want to make a career out of any facet that the fashion industry offers, do yourself a favor and enroll into: If your serious about fashion and being successful Nicole Corr is the mentor/go to person for you.

    Your priceless Nicole. Thank you for everything.
    Mel Ivory Channel Nine




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We understand how the fashion industry works, we give you the edge on fashion with exclusive knowledge to realise your fashion career dreams & goals

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