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From a very early age I became a fashion hoarder, not of clothing … but of documentation, paper work, templates and books. I kept all my college paper work, reused it over and over again. My parents were constantly asking me if I would clear out boxes & boxes of paper work in our back yard shed to make room for their stuff. …. um no sorry mum & dad I knew I would need it one day…. & that day is finally here.

Little did anyone know, I became an addict in perfecting work documentation. I was notorious for streamlining any job I had. Timing myself, creating less actual work & pieces of paper if it meant shaving off a few seconds turning over the page.

Moving into fashion lecturing I felt like a deer in middle of road with car headlights coming towards me, both intrigue and fear would set in. So much paperwork to fix up, not much pay (lots of unpaid hours) and so many things to perfect. OMG what was I to do. So many sleepless nights creating missing gaps for my students.

This website is to help you learn and improve your work while studying your dream career or to help you the fashion business owner build stronger foundations for your business. Also for you the fashion lecturer, who if you are like me would constantly reinvent the wheel at 2am in the morning to ensure your students were getting the best training. For RTO’s delivering an MST code qualification, there are 23 in total around Australia to work smarter and take advantage our of expertise and team of extraordinary Fashion Lovers.

The industry is notorious for not sharing information, I know this first hand from my over 20 years fashion industry experience in design, technology and retail sectors.

I am hoping this website will help to build a better network and help the Australian Fashion Industry in a small positive way,…. well I a can only hope, can’t I.

PS This website is constantly being updated. If the content you want or need is not available the moment you need please message us. Unless its 2am in the morning, we will be able to get it ready for you asap.










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