F is for fashion student
Got a Fashion Brand Idea, let use help you xx
A Fashion Graduate mentoring program to help you create your dream business in as little as 12 months.
hey hey hey xxx
My name is Nicole and 5 years ago I struggled with how to find all the information I needed to build my own dream fashion business !!!
Then I figured out this really simple but game changing thing, and everything took off. Now I want to share it with you !!!
“I truly appreciate Nicole’s knowledgeable and supportive advice; as a business owner and fashion student her mentoring continues to be invaluable!” – Tahlia Jade
Fashion Business
So its time to make it happen, your Fashion Business Plan will be tried and tested during the next 12 months.
Follow our step by step guide over 9 modules along side your brand and range creation. This shit just got real.
Mastering Mindset
Fashion Graduate Program will be peeling back the layers of you.
Your Why.

Focusing on making your business sustainable and ensuring your are emotionally ready.

Lets Get Real
Your business needs customers & competitors.
Ensuring you know who they are, your customers & competitors that is.

We help you to prepare your supply chain & build solid relationships.

We understand how the fashion industry works, we give you the edge with exclusive insider knowledge to realise your career dreams xxx

9 easy modules to take you from babe to boss xx
Module 1
Mastering Mindset

Fashion Business Planning + Bonus templates

Module 4
Financial Planning

From sampling your range to planning your finances

Module 7
Off to Market.

Preparing your range to sell.

Module 2
Competitive Edge

Design for your range & market positioning.

Module 5

Brand your business to grow.

Module 8
Business Analysis

What are YOUR expectations

Module 3
Customer Service

Your Customer Journey

Plan to launch

Module 6

What are your core components.

Module 9
Ready to grow

Is your business ready to go to the next level?

The program is for Australian Fashion Graduates
After 25 years of working in the industry I’m well aware there isn’t much available for Australian Fashion Graduates.
Testimonial time
  • Whilst studying fashion design, Nicole was by far my favourite and most influential teacher. Her outstanding teaching methods, dedication and knowledge of the industry inspired me to thrive and enjoy every lesson

    Kimberley Brooks
  • I would say I am still in the early days of setting up my own business Tattymoo.com, using my fashion & textiles industry background to help determine suitable materials & better sourcing. I see many new brands using slogans on sweaters & T-shirts, with online services or ready made items with little or no background in the industry other than being a consumer. I have tried to offer something different by using second hand or reclaimed fabrics, then hand-printing my own designs on a small screen @ home. All my skills were born out of education, either from college or Uni, where I studied surface pattern design & textiles, or through my training as a fabric & garment technologist. Now working for myself as a sole trader since Aug 2017 x E toastwin@gmail.com

    Julia Brown Tatty Moo
  • I have always known that in my forties I have a brain explosion of information and my life would change for the better. All my working life I have focused on my fashion career, I have travelled the world and worked for some pretty outstanding fashion houses and brands. You, see.... now I have a baby all of my very own (with my husband too) but my focus is angled slightly to the right at her. I still love the industry and everything about its fast paced jet setting bubble drinking French seam. Hope you enjoy my new love as much as I have loved creating it.

    Boss Babe Fashion Student
  • I truly appreciate Nicole's knowledge and supportive  advice; as a business owner and fashion student her mentoring continues to be invaluable.

    Tahlia Jade The Jade Odyssey
Ready to go? Here are all the details
Fashion Graduate Mentoring is here to guide you into business, with 12 months of step by step videos, workbooks, face to face workshops and so much more. Where do you want to be this time next year, is your idea a massive gap in the market and will someone get there before you do?
80 + pages of worksheets
9 Modules with step-by-step videos
Face to Face Mentoring every 6 weeks
two ways to buy
AUS $2015
AUS $175
*12 x monthly payments of $175 each, total $2100.
AUS $42
*52 x weekly payments of $42 each, total $2184.
FGP Sales Page
Have questions? Email bossbabe@fashionstudent.online
I had an idea….
“But I needed help figuring what to do with it, Nicole helped me get my label off the ground” – Melissa
I love working from my studio..
“I’m an artist and I love working in my own studio, this is all online” – Sarah
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