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Knowing who your customer is now & as your business grows will allow you to develop better products…



Start your customer journey by creating your customer persona.


Are you able to profile 2 or more?

Think about them in a real life way, or how you would illustrate them, their visual appearance right down to hair colour and stance.

Tell us:

  1. What is their name?

  2. Exact age?

  3. Job or Career?

  4. Who & where do they currently buy from?

  5. What are their wants or needs?

  6. What is their reason for the decision to buy? [Quality, Price, Brand, Value, Status]

  7. What is the emotional connection they have with your brand?

  8. Is there another person involved in their decision to purchase?

  9. Do they have goals or dreams?

  10. Which fashion trends do they follow?

  11. Which social or market trends do they follow?

  12. Which of your products suit them?

  13. How do they describe themselves?

  14. How does your customer gain new information about life in general?

  15. What are their social circles like?

  16. How do they communicate?

  17. What worries them the most when making a purchase?

  18. During or after a purchase how do they want to feel?

  19. Anything else you have discovered…

As a business owner you will be asking these questions on a regular basis to ensure you know who your customers are. Think about how people age with a brand, do you have a favourite fashion label, or store that you loved 10 years ago or even 20 years ago. As you age people generally stick with what they love. If someone loves your brand they will stick with you forever and research shows some brands customers have aged as the designer | owner has aged. This means your demographic is aging, your sizing may change and your marketing will definitely change.

Below is copy of your business plan questions. as you find the answers through your surveys, fill in your business plan and perhaps add in images of your customer persona.

4.0 Marketing Plan

4.1 Target Market (Customer Analysis)

Identify your target market/s and describe your customers. It is essential to show that there is a sound customer base for the business. Explain how you have carried out your customer and market research, including information sources. This should include the unique selling proposition you expect your customers to respond to. Some things to consider include:

§ How old are your customers?

§ Are they male, female or both?

§ Where do they live?

§ What do they earn?

§ How much of their income is disposable?

4.2 Competitor Analysis

Knowing about your competition can be as important as knowing your product or service. Outline your direct and indirect competitors, and how you’ll position your business against them. For example:

§ Who are your five nearest direct competitors?

§ Who are your indirect competitors (these are businesses which might not produce the same product or service, but could reduce your market share with an alternative offering)?

§ How are their businesses developing? Are they steady, increasing, decreasing?

§ What have you learned from their operations? From their advertising?

§ What are their strengths and weaknesses?

§ How do you compare on pricing, product, promotion, distribution?



Do you love designing or need help. We have option extras available


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Creating your own wardrobe starts with patternmaking, engineering a flat piece of cloth around a 3 dimensional form takes practice, trial and error.


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This is a huge game changer for many fashion businesses now, with the Fashion Revolution held annually around the world every April as one major unfortunate event. What is your take on this …. ?


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